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  • Episode 6: Frederick Noronha

    Getting involved with Free Software is not just for technical people and programmers. For more than 20 years now, Fred, a journalist based in Goa, has been writing about Free Software, about people involved with free software and enabling people to discover and connect with each other. His writing, support and encouragement has helped many community members and helped get a spotlight on their work and contributions. In this episode, he walks us through the history of the free software community in India, his perspectives on sharing knowledge, how he got involved, why he cares and what we can all do to help. Frederick Noronha is an independent journalist based in Saligão in the Bardez taluka of Goa. He is active in cyberspace and involved with e-ventures involving Goa, developmental concerns and free software. He writes mostly on free software / open source software issues, technology, and computing issues in India.

  • Episode 5: Raghu Kamath

    Have you ever wondered about the viability of using Free Software tools for your graphic design, illustration and art needs? Have you tried out Gimp or Krita and given up because they looked very daunting? Are you searching for a reason to stop using proprietary software for your design needs? In this episode, Raghu Kamath walks us helps us understand why he chooses to use Free Software and GNU/Linux for all his design work, how it helps him, how he got started and how you can make a similar choice as well. He offer compelling arguments about why freedom is important and how the sense of belonging to the community inspires and supports him.

  • Episode 4: Ashwin Whitchurch

    Curious about how and why somoene would build hardware and share the designs and source code of that hardware? Want to get started with designing your own hardware? Wondering about how hardware developers and companies that build and share their hardware designs remain viable? In this episode, Ashwin shares details of how he got started with embedded device development and how he built and released multiple devices as Free/Open Source Hardware.

  • Episode 3: Prof Satish Annigeri

    Prof Satish Annigeri is currently the Registrar (Evaluation) at the Visvesvaraya Technological Univeristy (VTU), Belgaum. He has taught Civil Engineering at BVB College of Engineering (now KLE Technological University), Hubli for more than 25 years. Prof Satish has been one of the earliest users and supporters of Free Software usage in education and for IT infrastructure implementation. He is also an avid endurance cyclist and has completed 100+ km rides multiple times. In this episode, we learn from Prof Satish about why Free Software matters in education and how teachers and students can imbibe the values of the free software movement into their learning.

  • Episode 2: Pirate Praveen

    Pirate Praveen is one of the oldest members of the Indian free software community. He is a Debian developer, a grassroots activist, a free software advocate and a pirate. In this episode, we talk to Pirate Praveen about the roots of his free software activism and why he believes so strongly in these principles.

  • Episode 1: Karen Sandler

    Karen M. Sandler is the executive director of Conservancy. Karen is known as a cyborg lawyer for her advocacy for free software, particularly in relation to the software on medical devices. Prior to joining Conservancy, she was executive director of the GNOME Foundation. Before that, she was general counsel of the Software Freedom Law Center. Karen co-organizes Outreachy, the award-winning outreach program for women globally and for people of color who are underrepresented in US tech. She is also pro bono counsel to the FSF and GNOME. Karen is a recipient of the O’Reilly Open Source Award and cohost of the oggcast Free as in Freedom.In this inaugural episode, we have a conversation with Karen Sandler about why software freedom matters, how to build a Free Software life and how to keep going.

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